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Lang and Sokha Tang, and Nathan and Anna Chhour share a passion for the wonderful cuisine of Cambodia and the warm tradition of hospitality that is a hallmark of the region.

Arriving in the United States during the 1970s, the couples sought freedom from the long war and many conflicts that ravaged their region and took so many lives.

Beyond their passion for food, friends, and family, the couples share a deep faith in God that is brought to life in their desire to make a difference for others around the world. They plan to accomplish their mission by:

  • Sponsoring young church leaders in Cambodia so they can attend Bible school

  • Providing monetary support for pastors in small rural churches

  • Helping with repair and maintain church buildings

  • Ensuring those who need a Bible have one

  • Providing life-giving water wells

Lang Tang is a noted author who, with the help of a close friend, published his autobiography, "Hold Fast: The Story of Survival," which captures a horrific event known as the Killing Fields. The book is available for purchase at the restaurant or Click Here to buy it on


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